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More than the average computer user today only uses about 25% of the full capability and potential that a computer offers.  This computer suite has been designed to answer that situation by empowering you with about 90% capability of a computer.


VENUE:  27 Langehoven Street, Vanes, Uitenhage



DRESS:  Casual


MINIMUM AGE PER STUDENT:  From 16 years (turning 16 during the current year)

TOTAL STUDENTS PER COURSE:  Only 4 Students (to ensure maximum individual attention) - 3 courses per day (you decide which time will be most convenient - depending on available slots):

  • 08:00 - 11:00

  • 11:30 - 14:30

  • 15:00 - 18:00 (School attending students will receive privilege)


LEVEL:  this is an entire Computer Suite related course (MS3 Computer Suite), which means that the course is divided into 5 parts.  You must complete each part to start the next part. 

The first course expects you to know absolutely nothing of a computer.  On completion of each part you will be at even a higher standard than 80% of all computer users. 

This is due to the use of an unique presentation method (MS3 PowerView) used during the presentations.  For every slide presented, you will be tested practically by the next slide (live user interaction with active slides) of the actual actions with a computer. 

To ensure that students don't just learn the theory, but get on-hands practical experience as well.  Each student will receive the complete presentation package to continue exercising at home or at his/her workplace.  This is a one-off a kind system only used @ MS3 Systems as we created the system (MS3 PowerPoint).

Bring with your own earphones (for hygiene reasons - OHS).

You dont need to bring with your own computer.

















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What is a computer system?, types of computers, how to assemble a computer, first line repair, connecting it all together, boot up process.

Devices; mouse, keyboard, joystick, printers, bar code scanner, web cam, extended screen & LCD Projectors.

Operating System (Windows 7 & Windows 10) - everything regarding the O/S, including configuring to obtain maximum effort by computer, drivers, crucial folders and restore point/recovery disk.

Software - all software included in Windows 7 & 10 will be discussed and practiced. All other essential software required that is not included within your Windows O/S will also be discussed and practiced. Most of these software will be supplied during the course on a disk for your own computer's installation.

Networking - Internet, E-Mail, FTP disk, Network establishment (setting up a network - both wireless & wired) and remote assist..

Learn all you need regarding MS Office, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint & MS Outlook (vs 2010). Configuring of MS Office packages to ensure speed and accuracy.

One-Drive (allow multiple members to work on same document / spreadsheet / slideshow).

Configure and using Styles to ensure a standard throughout document. Use of graphics, charts, spark lines, slicers and data bars - includes editing of graphics and masked text.

Printing and exporting in different format (including create a video show with PowerPoint.

Some advanced formulas used within MS Excel. Configuring MS Word to interact with MS Excel.

Learn how to set PowerPoint to interact with the audience via their computer or cellular phone - as they select options, the presentation will update their actions.

Using a Bar Code Scanner with MS Excel.

Manage MS Outlook's calendar, journal, tasks, auto e-mailing, meetings.

Learn how to establish and manage a WebSites.

Create an WebSite and edit it with SiteBuilder Pro.

Create E-Mail accounts and FTP/Web disks.

How to configure your WebSite using CPANEL.

Creating a fully interactive WebSite (online shopping, forms) with all the tools.

How to maintain your WebSite.

Sub-Domains to your WebSite.

How to make money with your WebSite.

Access to MS3 Web Tools to assist you in adding professional looking objects onto your WebSite..

Learn Windows Programming - write your own programs.

Select PROGRAMMING menu button to view details.

Learn how to create your own games.

2D games.

3D games.

Multiplayer Games (network).